Letters Between a Little Boy And Himself As An Adult.txt

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Letters Between a Little Boy And Himself As An Adult
lyrics by "Captain" Robert Brown

Dear Mr. Brown,
One day I’ll be you and
Although I’m only eight now,
You need to hear my rules.
Never stop playing.
Never stop dreaming and
And be careful not to
Turn into someone I’d hate

Dear little boy,
I’m doing my best up here but
It’s a thankless job and
Nobody feels the same
You work long hours
Watch your credit rating
Pay your taxes and
Prepare to die.

I have tried to keep my soul
I lost the fight to keep a hold
Now I am not awake
Now I’m not awake

Hey Mr. Brown,
That can't be what life is like!
I’ve watched some movies,
And I've, I’ve read some books.
Life should be exciting,
And sometimes scary but,
What you’re describing doesn't
Seem worth the time.

Hey little boy,
I think you are always right
I’ve dropped that worthless life and 
I’m moving on
Life should be adventure
I’m stealing back my soul
I’ve lost too many years now
I’m awake

You were right
I nearly lost my soul
I will fight to steal back my soul
Now I am awake
Now I’m awake
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