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Step1 : Install software
Open the AK90 file from CD
Click “ SETUP “ for installing the software
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Software is installed completely
Next step install driver for AK90
After installing driver plug AK90 to computer to test the connection of AK90 with computer .
PS: The connection port had better is “port2 to port5 “ , you also can change the port
Number in computer manager selection of your computer .
When you plug AK90 to computer if screen shows “ find a new unit “ and then asks you
To install driver for unit , You need to install driver again by manually .
Get into “Disk C” to find out a file called “SiLabs” .
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After driver installed completely then plug AK90 to computer .
Note: plug AK90 to PC , you will hear a sound “ Bi “ means unit connects to PC successfully
Then start the software . Do not open the software first without plug AK90 to PC .
If the security key is checked OK , you will hear a sound “ Bi Bi Bi “ for 3 times .
Then you can start every function in AK90 software
Please see the EWS picture on the software for the help with how to
connect MCU for EWS2,3,3+ and EWS4
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