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John Brick, PhD
Handbook of the Medical
Consequences of Alcohol
and Drug Abuse
hetherevery are usedsystem in the
or addictively, alcohol and other
drugs affect
human body. Advances in medicine, tox-
icology, and epidemiology have been so
rapid that periodic updates of the litera-
ture are an absolute necessity for the phy-
sician, the neuroscientist, the student,
and the addiction treatment professional.
That’s what makes
Handbook of the Medi-
cal Consequences of Alcohol and Drug Abuse
a pleasure to read and a treasure on the
bookshelf. John Brick has assembled a
very readable guide to the most recent
evidence on the medical consequences of
substance abuse. Ranging from the prac-
tical to the theoretical, the chapters tell a
compelling story about the burden of ill-
ness and disability that is caused by sub-
stance abuse.”
Thomas F. Babor, PhD, MPH
Professor and Chair,
Department of Community Medicine,
University of Connecticut Health Center
his on theeffectively outcomes of
the world literature and expert
drug and alcohol abuse in our society,
offering invaluable information for all
health care providers as well as re-
searchers and forensic investigators.
The contributors have thoroughly cov-
ered a broad range of topics—from
the common knowledge base of drug
effects and drug-induced disease to
the less well-known conditions such
as holoprosencephaly in fetal alcohol
syndrome and leukoencephalopathy
associated with inhaled heroin. In a
society that spends more on interdic-
tion than treatment for drug abuse,
this text will assist the development
of the recently emerging disease model
of substance abuse and pave the way
for treatment as the medical norm.”
Alan Clark, MD
Forensic Clinical Analyst and Educator,
InForum Reviews, LLC,
Carthage, Missouri
More pre-publication
understood that
ociety has long and other drugs cludes
andbook of
up-to-date findings in-
of Alcohol Medical Consequen-
use of alcohol
and Drug Abuse
can have serious negative social, psy-
chological, and medical effects.
book of the Medical Consequences of Alco-
hol and Drug Abuse
offers a detailed
overview of how these substances act
on various organs and systems of the
body, and the resulting acute and chronic
health effects. Chapters cover alcohol
and the major drugs of abuse—mari-
juana, opiates, cocaine and other stim-
ulants, and inhalants. All chapters are
thoroughly referenced, providing up-
to-date reviews of the significant litera-
ture on their topics.
Particularly strong are the chapters
on the effects of alcohol and other drugs
on the brain, providing a microscopic
look at how drugs affect neuronal path-
ways and the subsequent damage that
can result to cognitive and motor func-
tions. Also of note, the chapters on pre-
natal exposure to alcohol and other
drugs explore the full spectrum of po-
tential physiological and developmen-
tal effects—from growth and motor co-
ordination to cognition and behavioral
results. This handbook succeeds as a
comprehensive and indispensable ref-
erence for the scientist, the health prac-
titioner, and the serious student of alco-
hol and drug problems.”
Penny Booth Page, MLS
Director of Information Services,
Rutgers University Center
of Alcohol Studies,
Piscataway, New Jersey
alcohol and other abused drugs. This
book provides a highly readable source
of information on a wide range of med-
ical and other health consequences for
physicians and key health profession-
als at a time when mainstreaming treat-
ment of addictive disease is of critical
importance. The chapter on the neuro-
anatomical and neurobehavioral effects
of heavy prenatal alcohol exposure is of
particular importance for both family
physicians and pediatricians, present-
ing much new information on the ef-
fects of prenatal exposure to alcohol
and other drugs.”
David E. Smith, MD
President and Medical Director,
Haight Ashbury Free Clinics,
San Francisco
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Handbook of the Medical
Consequences of Alcohol
and Drug Abuse
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